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Welcome to the New Mexico Mortgage Lenders website. Here you will find what is happening today, tomorrow or within the year in the mortgage industry. There are many items that can impact both lenders and consumers that we want to make you aware of. Reduction of FHA mortgage insurance premiums and Foreclosure reform are a few such things. 

The New Mexico Mortgage Lenders Association is the state affiliate of the Mortgage Bankers Association ( As a consumer, you are welcome to use the “Consumer Tools” within this website as well as at that Mortgage Bankers Association website. As a lender, please utilize this site as an informative tool to get the latest and greatest updates on changing laws, rules and regulations that impact you and our industry. Each and every member of our organization subscribes to our Code of Ethics so please feel at ease when contacting any of us for advice, inquiry or qualification of financing. To insure that our industry is continuing to move in the right direction, please join the Mortgage Action Alliance. The Mortgage Action Alliance (MAA) is a voluntary, non-partisan and free nationwide grassroots lobbying network of real estate industry professionals and concerned citizens affiliated with the Mortgage Bankers Association. MAA is dedicated to not only having a voice, but being heard in Washington DC, state capitals and cities across the country. I urge you to get involved with MAA to play an integral role in how laws and regulations that affect our industry are presented, formed and ultimately implemented. It only takes a moment of your time sign up and start making a difference. 

We look forward to a fantastic 2016. Our monthly luncheons are held the 2nd Thursday of each month and I look forward to seeing you all there. 


Wesley Moore 


2016 NMMLA December Holiday Luncheon

We will be installing our new Officers and Directors of the New Mexico Mortgage Lenders Association for 2017

and please don't forget to bring Teadys and Blankets…..see below!

Guest Speaker:
New Mexico State Representative
Alanzo Baldonado

Alonzo is a native of Belen, and now lives with his family in Los Lunas, where he operates his real estate and property management company.  Growing up in Belen gave him a strong sense of Valencia County pride.

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From the desk of the President!

wes2Greetings New Mexico Mortgage Lenders Association Member:

Wow, as I sit here looking out the window, the leaves are turning, the nights are getting longer, and so begins the turning from being your 2016 President, to just being 2017 Past President.  I will be SO last year, J. Don’t worry though, you will be in great hands, with my friend, and 2015 Rookie of the Year, Vince Smith at the helm!

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Message from the President:


Wow, it was a great turnout today at lunch to hear Steve Anaya, Chief Executive Officer from RANM.

Steve is a great guy, and certainly has his pulse on the legislature with all the bills RANM is following. The legislature only has a week left, and is going to have a hard time passing a budget with the price of oil being our major revenue for the state. Will they get it done? Or will they need a Special Session?

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