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An Urgent Call to Action!


The NMMLA encourages all of it’s members and affiliates to reach out to their elected officials in the New Mexico House of Representatives and State Senate to let them know that:

1.  You vote and appreciate that they are a member of a volunteer legislature that takes time away from their own families and businesses to protect your interests;

2.  You are paying attention to how they vote through your membership with the NMMLA and that it is through the MIP-PAC that your industry offers financial support of their campaign;

3.  You (or the NMMLA) are here to help them better understand the implications of the wrong legislative vote on all homeowners/voters in your district.


Steps to Take Today!


To locate your representative in the New Mexico House of Representatives go to:  New Mexico House of Representatives


To locate youre repesentative in the New Mexico State Senate go to:  New Mexico State Senate


Call your legisltor – TODAY – they are running for office TODAY

-Introduce yourself as a voter in their district (identify the district)

-Introdue yourself as a member of the NMMLA

-Introduce yourself as an ethical professional in the industry

-Offer the NMMLA (and yourself) as a resource for them on industry-related legislation in the upcoming session.  Ask if we can meet    with them before the session


Communicate our legislative concerns:

-The successful passing of loan originator licensing by the New Mexico Legislature in accordance with the S.A.F.E. Act

-The correction of the points and fees definition in the Home Loan Protection Act so as not to restrict comsumer access to federal mortgage capital in their time of need

-The continued protection of residential borrowers in New Mexico from predatory and unscrupulous lending practices by the maintenance of the provisions of the Home Loan Protection Act


If you or your representative would like more information, please contact Greg Frost Sr. at 505-292-7200.

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