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Full Membership – $500 Annually
Designed for banks and other companies that are actively involved in the commercial and/or residential lending markets.

Individual Membership – $250 Annually
Same perks as full membership, except this plan is designed for companies with less than 5 employees

Associate Membership – $350 Annually
Designed for vendors and other companies that are involved in the mortgage industry.





Why you should join the NMMLA!

Since its founding, the New Mexico Mortgage Lenders Association has furthered the standards of the real estate financing profession in the areas of education, legislation, regulation, and ethics of practice.

By taking advantage of the wide array of resources offered by the NMMLA, you will be in a position to meet the demands of todays competitive market and plan for the challenges of tomorrow. Since Membership is by company, all employees of your company are considered members and benefit from the association.


  1. Lobbying and Monitoring of State Legislation – NMMLA works to keep you informed of current regulatory and legislative issues impacting your business. As an NMMLA member, you are getting this powerful tool and resource to advocate on your behalf.
  2. Educational Seminars – NMMLA provides an extensive array of educational seminars and cutting-edge programs that will give you the skills and knowledge to improve your performance, update your skill set, or just refresh your information. As an NMMLA member, you receive advanced notice of these programs and discounted registration fees for anyone who is interested in attending from your company.
  3. Annual Vendors Fair/Golf Tournament – Held in August of each year, the Vendors Fair/Golf Tournament brings all of the members together to learn, network, and get caught up. This is the only event like this for the entire New Mexico mortgage lending profession, and there is only one every year. As an NMMLA member, your company is eligible for “Member’s Only” registration fees.
  4. Monthly Luncheons – Held every third Thursday of the month, the NMMLA monthly luncheons bring dynamic speakers from our industry and from our community who come to speak on subjects that affect our industry and our community. This luncheon provides members with an opportunity to network, educate and advocate.
  5. Earned Continuing Education Credits – At all eligible seminars, conventions, and conferences, NMMLA submits all of the paperwork necessary for your continuing education credits to help make your life just that much easier. As an NMMLA member, you can be assured that we will help take care of you in this area.
  6. Liaison with State/Federal Regulatory Authorities – NMMLA works closely with regulatory authorities to keep the lines of communication open on members’ behalf. Your membership provides the mechanism to make this happen. As an NMMLA member, you have just one additional means to help when issues may arise, representation is needed and justified.
  7. Exchange of Industry Information with Your Contemporaries – This invaluable service is only available as a member of NMMLA. Your contemporaries are leaders in the association who have taken the time to get involved, make decisions, and volunteer on behalf of the industry to better the mortgage lending world. As an NMMLA member, you have the opportunity to benefit from this relationship.
  8. Public Relations Contact with the News Media – NMMLA serves as the contact for news media throughout New Mexico and will direct the media to leaders of NMMLA so consumers are educated accordingly about these matters. NMMLA members become part of the association that responds to these requests.
  9. Recognition – As a member of a professional mortgage lending trade association, your company earns the right to be recognized accordingly.
  10. NMMLA Industry Directory – On our website, WWW.NMMLA.ORG, members are listed in the online directory to find colleagues to network. For NMMLA members, this is just another way of finding each other.
  11. The Member Advocate – NMMLA’s monthly newsletter provides members with best practices information from others around New Mexico, industry information, hot topics, legislative and regulatory briefs, etc. Our newest publication is provided in both electronic and hard-copy versions.
  12. Save Money!!! – As a NMMLA member, you qualify for discounts at the luncheons and any education courses that NMMLA sponsors.


So what are you waiting for? Apply online to become a member today. You won’t regret it!

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